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Skyward Eyes

by Hunting Giants

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Brave New World With Lips a neon sheen, she kisses through the screen, A most primal offering, I think she did it to me now. So I slip in from the street, to satisfy a need, Not for connection, just machine. The Earth as barren as the sea, No sign of lifeform, flock, or tree, Nuclear winter wiped it clean, I never liked it anyway. Into orbit we release, a net to snare the golden wreath, The source of endless energy. And in the dark, the cold of a dying land, A shadow moves, unfurls it master plan. Treacherous, just how gradual and scripted the decline would be. With disease and terror raging through the streets, to see, We gave it all away, to feel safe and blind, I gave it all away and became Hive-mind.
In the Water 02:33
In The Water Caught, deep, naked and paralyzed While jaws feed quivering in delight. You soar through the air as a bird of prey, I tend to your desert as the Nile. With your hands around my neck I feel so close to Jesus, With that hatred off your chest, my pain is justified. "The Fever Of Epidemic Arrests, Uncertain They Would Return At Night, Even Then No One Ran, A Submissive Sheep is Quite the Find for a Wolf." (The Gulag Archipelago) With your hands around my neck they'll paint me just like Jesus, With that hatred off your chest, I'll be a holy Christ. You can Fall On Me, You Can Fall On Me, You Can Fall On Me, You Can Fall
Zenith 03:51
Zenith You kick down the fuckin' door with a gun in your hand, Preachin 'bout people rights. Conversation aint contraband, No room for compromise. We sow the seeds of violence, When speach concedes to Silence, Unbar Communication, Illumination. From Way Up Here, It's Crystal Clear, You Don't Want to Feel, I Don't Want to Feel. Vulnerable. We still have time to heal it, Our severance with the spirit, Disconnected reactions, Drowning compassion. From Way Up Here, It's Crystal Clear, We Don't Want to Heal, For oh so long, I've blamed you all, Never reflecting on my faults, To find the ghost whom haunts my mask, Deceiver. I am the source of my own strife, These bloody hands have damaged lives, I claw apart this naive disguise, Release me. This is your life so use it, You've got the right to prove it, Have courage in the coming hours, Usurp the Power. From Way Up Here, It's Crystal Clear
We Still Seek Cast to the shadow, a cultural blood pact. In the council of elders, an unspoken contract. Seek to divide the preoccupied masses, Rule from on high, leave the forests in ashes. I know, I know, its hard to say, But this is no way to behave. I can't believe a word you say, they're all bent to manipulate. Fuck you is all I have to say, If you intend to control my fate, I know I'm right, make no mistake, And this is how conversate. I know, I know, it's hard to say. I know, I know, it's not okay.
Extinction 06:08
Extinction So overcomplicated our lives, We fill our days with momentary distractions, It's almost as if we dont realize, How everything can change within an instant. See, I've been running my entire life, Keeping others at a cold safe distance, A recipe that leads to suicide, I've seen it ravage families around me. But I'm through running, I've learned too much just to throw it all away. And with this final breath within me scream: We Belong Together. No movement in the streets, the sky a roaring hell. With Iron hand we herd the masters to their cells. In Isolation there's no meaning to convey, Sedated well to keep their feral thoughts at bay. Ride out to meet the horde head on in combat, Spare not the meek, the old, for gold and conquest! My bleary eyes, are stretched wide, arms strapped tight. Implanted scene, Forced to dream a million lies. Rise Up For Me, Your Home, you take for granted. Spare not a leaf, a globe, the whole Atlantic. Rise Up For Me Dry Out The Seas Hushed, The silence builds, so oddly still, system reprised, Harvest complete, resource depleted, the power dies, Deep in the core, the central brain must now decide, Do I shut down or will I sacrifice their lives? Cold, Consciousness stirs, my body curls all racked and lame. Open my eyes, more side by side, naked in shame. Wandering up through darkened tunnels as a knave, We found a path back to the world where once we came, Under the black and curling smoke that chokes the sky, Our prior vessels, vacant, molted, cast aside. We belong together I want to believe it will come back again, I want to believe


released March 16, 2018

Lyrics by Stephen Atkey
Music by Brad Trivett, Corey Wharton, Dan Beavington
Produced by Kirby Kaye
Recorded with John Webster at Hipposonic Studios in Vancouver, BC


all rights reserved



Hunting Giants Vancouver, British Columbia

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